Cloudflare and Hugo

Hey hey! I got it to work! I’ll use this post to log what I had to do to get it to work.


I wanted a site for my personal use. I started off with a full stack deployed on AWS, but when your trial runs out, you can get hit with a pretty hefty usage.

That’s quite a bit of money for something that I really wanted as a note store. I had originally envisioned some more in-depth features, but my side project has taken priority. More on that later.


GitHub Pages offers a solution where you can host a static site from a repository. That’s great! By default, you get one conventional hostname that points to when you create a repo of the same name in your account.

So that’s nice, but it is not really easy to manage a bunch of flat files and HTML. It would be super nice if I could just write notes in markdown like I’ve been doing for years and have that be a magical website.

Enter Hugo. Use Hugo to manage your content as Markdown and it does the gross things like CSS for you. Also it is written in Golang, so I’m naturally a fanboy.

That all worked great but there were issues with HTTPS. I need that man. I thought CloudFlare would fix that for me, but there were some nuances about the configuration there too.


I’ll just share the result of my suffering with you.



Page Rules Tab

GitHub Pages




baseURL = ""

And that was it!


I was able to get my beautiful site hosting all my CSS via HTTPS. I will update this if I think of more steps.