New Years

I made a resolution that I would make public contributions on GitLab and GitHub this year. The easiest way to do that is to make blog posts because both of these repos are public (because the site is public 😜). My site is a GitLab repo with a GitHub submodule repo. The GitLab repo contains the Hugo project and the theme Blackburn. The GitHub repo is the output of the hugo project and exists at the conventional place you would deploy a personal GitHub page.

I use CloudFlare for DNS and I purchased my domain via NameCheap. I’m really happy with this setup because Hugo is written in Go and potentially hackable, and it consumes MarkDown which is my favorite thing ever.

The goal of the resolution is to contribute to other repos, not just this echo chamber crap. I figure it is useful to write everyday about something technical, so that will be the bar that I set. Hopefully this pushes me to make some other public contributions.

Maybe I’ll just edit this post when I need some random contribution for the day?