Hello World on Android


I wanted to get my environment ready for Android development. It was pretty straightforward on the Mac, I can see it being more of a headache on other platforms.


Firstly, download Android Studio. It is pretty amazing that they’ve wrapped everything you need in a free IDE. There’s a ton of shit for Java projects that I’d rather not think about.

I’m using this training course. Open it in another tab.

The article does a great job of making the ‘Hello World!’ app easy to do. I basically just followed that. There have been some UI changes to Android Studio that I noticed, but nothing that was a real blocker.


If you want to run on your phone, you’ll need to connect it as a hardware device. This was a pretty easy process and I did it along side of the virtual emulated device they mention in the tutorial.


Completely remove Android Studio (Mac)

I messed up the first time by denying HAXM from doing stuff on my computer. That’s a pretty strange name for something from Intel for device emulation. Suffice it to say that you need it installed during the Android Studio installation and that Intel is not HAXing you.


rm -Rf /Applications/Android\ Studio.app
rm -Rf ~/Library/Preferences/AndroidStudio*
rm -Rf ~/Library/Preferences/com.google.android.*
rm -Rf ~/Library/Preferences/com.android.*
rm -Rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/AndroidStudio*
rm -Rf ~/Library/Logs/AndroidStudio*
rm -Rf ~/Library/Caches/AndroidStudio*
rm -Rf ~/.AndroidStudio*
rm -Rf ~/AndroidStudioProjects
rm -Rf ~/.gradle
rm -Rf ~/.android
rm -Rf ~/Library/Android*


“Failed to find target with hash string ‘android-25’”

In the android studio: ⌘, and select the offending API Levels to install.


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