Pilot Butte

I was looking on the map for something to do and I found a fucking Golden Spiral in the middle of the city. Done deal. Let’s walk there.

Pilot Butte

I like the look of the track generated for walking up Pilot Butte. It’s an old Cinder Cone and it is like a perfect pimple. There are trails that take a more direct path up, but the road follows the satisfying curve you see in the track. It was a bit smoky that day so the views weren’t perfect. It rained that weekend so I can only imagine that it would be pretty hairy up there. As it stands, I already got a bit of vertigo just doing the road climb. Something about the isolation of the hill in contrast to the surroundings. I knew I couldn’t stop though because there were grandparents walking their grandchildren down already.## Description


There was a good portion of city walking for this that I would not recommend. Try to get to Pilot Butte itself and park there or near. It was a really good workout.

Style Elevation Change Distance Ease
Out and Back 523.3 ft 7.45 mi Medium

Around (the) Bend

This was just my tour around the Old Mill District. It is a really lovely walk, not strenuous at all. The place where I turned around at the bridge is the start of a one-way trail. One of the locals said that its a pandemic restriction but that he thinks it should stay because the trail is narrow anyways. I didn’t risk pissing off the locals by braving it that way and I had to get home. If you go, cross at the bridge with the iron horse statue to go counterclockwise along the path.

The whole district makes me think about playing the lottery. Walk it as soon as you get to town.