Chicken Brine

Serious Eats is becoming my go-to for food articles. I’ll immediately check for results from them when I need a standard technique. Kenji does a great job of testing. Even things as simple as boiled eggs.

Ingredient Quantity
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast ~ 6 Breasts
Kosher Salt 80g
White Granulated Sugar 25g
Water 2L
Big Bowl 2

These measurements differ from the ones in the article because I found the resultant breasts to be too sweet. I’ll be editing until I find a sweet spot. The measurements are important because this is an osmosis game. Too much salt and you’ll dry them breasts out.

Mix all your blue ingredients in one bowl. Make sure the salt is dissolved well. The mixture should be clear. Note that adding aromatics now does nothing. This is the ‘water-added’ portion of the recipe.

After 30 minutes to overnight, move breasts to the other bowl and use this to add a marinade if you want. Please don’t add salt or sugar to your marinade, these guys have enough already. Some garlic, lemon, and rosemary is nice.

Ideally, you would get these guys dry on the surface to assist with browning, but I’ve had good results with just straight from the marinade to the grill.

Cook them to 155°F and then let them rest. They should carry over to 165°F.