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Questions in Arch

I notice myself asking questions about common tasks when I come back to Arch after a long time. I think that makes for a good article as it is possible others have these questions. I’m running out of space and that’s stupid. Not a question, but I’ve felt that exact sentiment. In Arch, this is very likely the Pacman cache going crazy. Everytime you upgrade a package in Pacman, it keeps the previous version.

Bone Broth

I don’t really like the distinction between ‘bone broth’ and ‘stock’ because they’re the same thing if done right. The distinction is useful because the product that is called stock in a grocery store is very different. Useful, but different. Bone broth is gelatinous at fridge temperature. This is because you cook down the bones and connective tissue over a long period of time. Collagen is converted to gelatin and you get meat/bone jello.

JetBrains and GPG

I encountered some issues running WebStorm and I think I finally solved them. This was an annoying bug that was a mix of WebStorm and OSX behavior that I didn’t ask for. TODO: Pinentry Image This is the prompt that you get on OSX running Pinentry. I was getting this randomly all throughout the day just running JetBrains products. That’s really annoying. You can see that WebStorm is trying to run git-upload-pack when I get the Pinentry prompt, and that is what triggered it.


I’m using the gpg-agent in place of the ssh-agent. I think this is a very interesting use because it eliminates the need for me to store my ssh key as a flat file: ssh-add -l 4096 SHA256:rsOIZD3XP+Tvj+l5xrbRnxgvdg2qKL5agAxzPLT5rao (none) (RSA) 2048 SHA256:U6ETCKbdPbvgPMSjePS0jrGR3yMdhF9NC6MUHItynJc /Users/admin/.ssh/splice-dcos.pem (RSA) ... You can see here that the top key is one that is generated by GPG and not associated with any particular file. That being said, I still have to use SSH keys that are given to me for work.

Airgapped GPG

Airgapping GPG Airgapped Media Format I’ll save you the explanation of what GPG is. First thing I needed was a USB stick that would be compatible with Arch and MacOS. This fight is always interesting and I would rank the better operating system as the one that can comprimise on the filesystem. Naturally, insert the USB stick in the MacOS and format it as a Journaled HFS+ partition because we can install the driver on Arch.

Chicken Brine

Serious Eats is becoming my go-to for food articles. I’ll immediately check for results from them when I need a standard technique. Kenji does a great job of testing. Even things as simple as boiled eggs. Ingredient Quantity Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast ~ 6 Breasts Kosher Salt 80g White Granulated Sugar 25g Water 2L Big Bowl 2 These measurements differ from the ones in the article because I found the resultant breasts to be too sweet.

Arch VPN

I have trouble sometimes navigating network connectivity using Arch. The OS doesn’t really have an issue getting out to networks, I just seem to not remember what to do in a time of need. Unfortunately, it is usually the first thing you need to do to begin the problem solving process. It is not lost on me that I am posting this article on the Internet. You’ll find it after you get in to trouble.


We went to Quince. It was awesome. This isn’t a review, I’m not qualified for that. If you can go, you should go. Take more pictures than I did. Menu and Pairings English Peas Sicilian Pistacchio, Horseradish F.X. Pichler, Grüner Veltliner, Federspiel, “Loibenberg Frauenweigarten”, Wachau, Austria 2015 Tsar Nicoulai Caviar Avodaco, Ruby Beet, Sorrel Krug, “Grand Cuvée 166 Ème Édition,” Champagne, France, MV Squid Zucchini, Pine Nut, Saffron Matthiasson, “WhiteBlend,” Napa Valley, California 2015

Travel Kitchen Checklist

I got a subscription to Bon Appétit recently because I spent some money at Sur la Table. I really like the magazine, especially the fact that they concentrate all the featured recipes at the back of the issue. That’s nice because you can just cut stuff out there. They had a feature about what to pack if you have to go cook somewhere. I liked the list and I want to keep it for myself on the public internet.

Connecting to Unsecured Networks

This seems to be a bit of a nightmare with Arch. I think the issue is that it is difficult to test. I typically connect to pretty good networks that have passwords and reasonable security. On vacation though, I don’t have a choice of what to connect to. I really don’t know what the advantage of WPA Enterprise is with the stupid login page. There is no way that is more secure.