Bone Broth

I don’t really like the distinction between ‘bone broth’ and ‘stock’ because they’re the same thing if done right. The distinction is useful because the product that is called stock in a grocery store is very different. Useful, but different.

Bone broth is gelatinous at fridge temperature. This is because you cook down the bones and connective tissue over a long period of time. Collagen is converted to gelatin and you get meat/bone jello. We also use vinegar to promote the bones to dissolve, but not enough to prevent the gelatin from congealing.

Ingredient Quantity
Beef Bones 4 Pounds
Water Much
Apple Cider Vinegar 1/4 Cup
Salt Pinches


You have to clean the bones to get rid of blood and other protein garbage on the surface of cut bones. Blanch them in boiling water for 5 minutes. If frozen, make sure the water returns to a boil then start your timer. Work in batches.


You really have to roast the shit out of the bones. This is where all the flavor and color comes from. None of the gelatin is harmed, and you will render out a lot of fat from the marrow. This is great because it means you don’t have to skim as much out of the broth later.

You’re going for bones that look like this. About 40 minutes at 450 broil.


I use the Instant Pot for this. It is awesome. I put the bones in, fill with good water to the 2/3 line, and add the vinegar. Then I seal it up and use the Broth setting for 4 hours. I turn off the Kep Warm function and go to bed. I like the slow natural release for this because it is effectively more cooking time.


In the morning, you’ll have to strain with a sieve and skim off some tallow. I store it in those ziploc containers. I haven’t noticed it going bad over the course of a week. I would freeze it if I had the room.