What’s better than a BBQ on a National Holiday?

I used the Traeger for some St. Louis cut ribs. This recipe was crazy simple. Like shamefully simple. Mostly I just want to get in the habit of updating my blog, so this is what you get.

Ingredient Quantity
St. Louis Ribs 2 Racks
Favorite Rub Lots
Texas Blend Traeger Pellets At least 2 hoppers worth

Oh yeah, you’ll need a Traeger too. So there’s that complication.


Clean the racks, scrubbing blood out of the bone ends and peeling off the silver skin.

Let them rest till they are at room temperature then pat them dry.

Liberally rub them. This stuff is really good.

Smoke them in the Traeger for 2 hours or until done to your liking. Make sure you check on your pellet level from time to time, otherwise it takes some doing to get the fire going again.

Pull them and let them rest for 30 minutes.