I’m using the gpg-agent in place of the ssh-agent. I think this is a very interesting use because it eliminates the need for me to store my ssh key as a flat file: ssh-add -l 4096 SHA256:rsOIZD3XP+Tvj+l5xrbRnxgvdg2qKL5agAxzPLT5rao (none) (RSA) 2048 SHA256:U6ETCKbdPbvgPMSjePS0jrGR3yMdhF9NC6MUHItynJc /Users/admin/.ssh/splice-dcos.pem (RSA) ... You can see here that the top key is one that is generated by GPG and not associated with any particular file. That being said, I still have to use SSH keys that are given to me for work.

Airgapped GPG

Airgapped Media Arch BBS SuperUser Format I’ll save you the explanation of what GPG is. First thing I needed was a USB stick that would be compatible with Arch and MacOS. This fight is always interesting and I would rank the better operating system as the one that can compromise on the filesystem. Naturally, insert the USB stick in the MacOS and format it as a Journaled HFS+ partition because we can install the driver on Arch.