Convict Lake Loop

This is Convict Lake. I grew coming here to hike and camp. My two fondest birthday celebrations have been at this lake. The first with my parents for my 12th birthday. The second with my parents and now wife for my 35th birthday.


AllTrails Description

This hike only takes a couple hours or so. It is nothing too strenuous, just a nice loop around the lake. That purple area extends further in to the mountain during summer. In May though, that area likely will still have snow and thus is difficult to pass. The trail leads all the way back to a broken dam in the canyon. I will definitely revisit with my GPS some time in the future to capture that portion of the trail.

Style Elevation Change Distance Ease
Loop 164.8 m 7.793 km Easy


I’ve been wanting to post about hiking for a while and I think I’ve finally found a set of tools that will let me do what I envisioned.

The Website GPSVisualizer is really amazing. It lets me take a gpx file from my Garmin and import and edit it in to different formats. They provided me with that elevation profile plot and the colorized track that can be input in to Google Earth.

I exported that picture from Google Earth after positioning it the way I wanted. Again, this is an awesome program and really changes your perspective on the world.