Pilot Butte

I was looking on the map for something to do and I found a fucking Golden Spiral in the middle of the city. Done deal. Let’s walk there. Pilot Butte I like the look of the track generated for walking up Pilot Butte. It’s an old Cinder Cone and it is like a perfect pimple. There are trails that take a more direct path up, but the road follows the satisfying curve you see in the track.

Williams Camping

Glad I found this one in my drafts and completed the photos. We had a lot of fun camping out there. A little cold but I bought a quilted thermal jacket and some wool socks from Walmart that really seemed to take the edge off. Not much of an interesting elevation profile from the GPS, but I think I was just experimenting with it then. This was a car camping trip so we just did some wandering and we drove both ways.

Engagement Hike

I proposed to my wife in Kauai at the Waimea Canyon Lookout. I couldn’t have picked a better spot. Actually, I did. When we did the hike I picked the first spot you see here. You can see in the Google Earth picture the more teal trace as it curve along the rim. These two pictures are of that first spot. The ‘real’ spot. However, in the following two, you can see the ‘real real’ spot.

Convict Lake Loop

This is Convict Lake. I grew coming here to hike and camp. My two fondest birthday celebrations have been at this lake. The first with my parents for my 12th birthday. The second with my parents and now wife for my 35th birthday. Description AllTrails Description This hike only takes a couple hours or so. It is nothing too strenuous, just a nice loop around the lake. That purple area extends further in to the mountain during summer.